Sunday, October 7, 2007

No Tricks, No Crutches

Delighted to see Howard Jones performing an acoustic set with guitarist Robin Boult [sorry, no photo of R.B.] in the far-off village of Bay Shore, Long Island, yesterday. HoJo was in good voice and offering his usual hot ivory chops, and Boult lent a strong, musical hand with a jazz twist.

They've recast some of the old songs as mash-ups, as the kids call them, or quodlibets, as Bach called them. The best was the old HoJo classic, "Don't Always Look at the Rain," intertwined with material from Miles Davis' "So What." Not many pop musicians could manage such a thing without any digital sampling, but Jones 'n' Boult did it all live. That's why we love them!

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