Friday, December 21, 2007

How Iran-ic

The BBC is reporting that Chris deBurgh has been approved by "authorities in Tehran" to play a concert in Iran with the Iranian pop group Arian sometime in '08. Western pop music with lyrics is officially banned in that country, but they're making an exception here.

They're not too swift with poetic analysis over there, I guess. Most of deBurgh's songs contain at least something that ought to be more insidious to religious zealots than, say, naming a stuffed animal after a prophet. The BBC cites his hit, "Don't Pay the Ferryman," as especially innocuous, but that song is inspired by the beliefs of infidels. Just watch the video, starring Tom Baker (just after his Dr. Who days): he's clearly meant to be Charon on the river Styx.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

An Eye on Rilo

One to watch: Rilo Kiley, a Californian indie band just outgrowing the college circuit. Their lead singer is Jenny Lewis [pictured], with power and beauty pouring from her head and chest (yes, I mean the ranges of her voice). The tracks I've heard are musically interesting but lyrically limited, tending toward a single idea per song. But, face it, that's more than many bands manage!